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[F4M] Two Birds with One Stone [Script Offer][Milf][Bad Mother][Son’s Bully][Cuckold Husband][Dirty Talk][Anal][Mentions of Creampie][Over 18] 462
[F4F] [Script Offer] Putting Girlfriend’s Bratty Daughter in Place [Milf][Lesbian][No Incest][Teasing][Cuckold][Dirty Talk][Rimming][Anal][Strapon][Over 18] 363
[F4A][Script Offer] Finding Parent's Sextape [Slutty Girlfriend][Cuckold Boyfriend][Parent’s Sextape][Teasing][Handjob][Anal][Dirty Talk][Over 18] 516
[F4M][Script Offer] GoDoggy.com - A Satisfied Client Story - 1 [Hot Wife] [Husband on Phone] [Beast] [Dog Cock] [Blowjob] [Cunnilingus] [Pussy Pounding] [Teasing] [Dirty Talk] [Over 18] 544
[F4M][Script Offer] Welcome to GoDoggy.com [Beast][Dog Cock][Blowjob][Cunnilingus][Pussy Pounding][Voyeur][Dirty Talk][Over 18] 626
[F4A][Script Offer] Jerking Off to Photos of Ex [Ex Girlfriend][BFF][Cuckold][Teasing][Over the Phone][JOI][Anal][Dirty Talk][Over 18] 409
[F4A][Script Offer][Hot Wife][Bull][Cuckold Husband][Phone][Rimming][Dirty Talk][Over 18] 365
[F4M][Script Offer] [Bitchy Boss and Pervert Assistant are stuck in the Elevator] [Bitchy Boss] [Assistant] [Milf] [Sweaty] [Armpit licking] [Scent Play] [Panty Sniffing] [Ass licking] [Verbal Abuse][Dirty Talk][Over 18] 297
[F4A] [Script Offer] Mom has THE talk with her Son [Milf][Bad Mother][Cheating Girlfriend][Cuckold][No Incest][Beta Male][Humiliation[Dirty Talk][Anal][Over 18 553
[F4M][Script Offer] Milf Pornstar comes home from a long day at work [Pornstar] [Loving Husband] [Established Relationship] [Milf][Lesbian][Blowjob][Anal][Gangbang][Dirty Talk][Over 18] 404
[F4M][Script Offer] Do you really want to know? [Boyfriend][Girlfriend] [Ex] [Cuckold][Cruel][NTR][Dirty Talk][Anal][Rimming][Over 18] 460
[F4F][Script Offer] An Affair with my Daughter’s Wife [Lesbian] [Incest][Mother-in-law][Milf][Daughter’s Wife] [Bad Mom] [Lesbian] [Anal] [Dirty Talk] [Over 18] 823
[F4M][Script Offer] An Affair with my Son’s Wife [Lesbian] [Incest][Mother-in-law][Milf][Son’s Wife] [Lesbian] [Anal] [Dirty Talk] [Over 18] 385
[F4M][Script Offer] Helping Husband Jerk off to Dirty Comments on Her Cooking Videos [Teasing Wife][Established Relationship][Cooking Videos][Dirty Comments][Teasing][Dirty Talk][Over 18] 376
[F4A][Script Offer]Your Trans Ex is your Mom’s New Girlfriend [Ex][Cuckquean][Mom’s Girlfriend][Blowjob][Rimjob][Anal] [Voyeurism][Dirty Talk][Over 18] 1084
[F4A][Script Offer] Girlfriend's BFF Cucks Boyfriend on Girls Night Out [Girlfriend’s BFF][Cuckold][Boyfriend][Girl’s Night Out][Sexting][Video Call][Exhibitionist][Voyeurism][Threesome][Dirty Talk][Over 18] 469
[F4A] [Script Offer] A Mother’s Sacrifice [Milf][No Incest][Cuckold][Bully][Dirty Talk] [Anal][Lesbian][Over 18] 424
[F4M][Script Offer] Mother listens to Son about his Cheating Girlfriend [Cheating Girlfriend][Cuckold Son][Bad Mother][Masturbating][Rimming][Voyeurism][Dirty Talk][Over 18] 672
[F4M][Script Offer] Wife tries curing Husband's Anal Obsession [Anal][Scent Play][Rimming][Anal Fingering][Dirty Talk][Extremely Dirty][Over 18] 515
[F4A][Script Offer]. The Dark Truth - Batman vs Mistress M [Batman][Supervillan][Cuckold][Batgirl Sextape][Taunting][Identities revealed][Secrets revealed][Origin story][Dirty Talk][Over 18] 225
[F4F][F4A][Script Offer] Arcane - Alternate Ending- Jinx realises Vi’s True Plan [League of Legends][Vi][Powder/Jinx][Caitlyn][Alternate Ending][Jinx’s Mind][Sextape][Strap-on][Dirty Talk][Over 18] 218
[F4A][Script Offer] Milf asks her friend how to deal with her son's Bully [Milf][Mother][Bully][Phone Call][Dirty Talk][Over 18] 504
[F4M][Script Offer] Do you really want to know? Part 1 [Boyfriend][Girlfriend][Cuckold][Cruel][NTR][Dirty Talk][Anal][Rimming][Over 18] 406
[F4A][Script Offer] Futa fucks Ex-boyfriend’s Mom [Futa][Milf][Revenge][Cuckold][Dirty Talk] [Anal][Ex-boyfriend’s Mom][Over 18] 833
[F4A][Script Offer] The Queen helps the Princess cure her Royal Loneliness [Lesbian][Incest][Mother - Daughter][Queen-Princess][Extreme][Horse][Beast][Blowjob][Handjob][Ball Sucking][Rimming][Dirty Talk][Over 18] 1804
[F4A] [ScriptT Offer] Mom discovers daughter is a Pornstar [Watching Porn][Dirty Talk][Voyuer][Lezdom] [lncest][Implied lncest][Degradation][Lesbian][Over 18] 246
[F4A][Script Offer]New Mother and the Lesbian Babysitter [Lesbian][Lactating][Dirty Talk][Dom/Sub][Threesome][Strap on][Anal][Over 18] 203
A Mother’s Sacrifice [Milf][No Incest][Cuckold][Dirty Talk] [Anal][Lesbian][Over 18] 345
[F4M][F4F][ScriptT Offer] Daughter watches Parents Role Playing [Anal][Dirty Talk][Incest][Role play][Daughter Role play][Over 18] 756
[F4M][ScriptT Offer] Wife teases Husband at the Office Party [Milf Wife][Office party][Teasing][Dirty Talk] Implied [Gang bang][Anal][Panty Sniffing][Lesbian][Over 18] 192