Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Q. If I am a PsstAudio user, do I still need to create an account to use Pastes.PsstAudio?

A. Yes you do. Pastes.PsstAudio is a separate website, despite the shared domain name. You will have to create a new account in order to use the service.

Q. Do I have to verify to create a paste?

A: You only need to have an account.

Q: How do I create a paste?

A: Once you have registered, click on upload then the post type that you wish to upload(audio, script or text) then put in the title, upload audio/ link to a script/ write a text post and click on submit(Be aware posts are not private).

Q: What kind of content is allowed?

A: We have basic content guidelines in order to ensure that no illegal content is stored on the site. This is important. If you’re unsure, please refer to the Content Policy and ToS however beyond those we do not believe in limiting people’s ability to explore their fantasies.

Q: How do I report content that violates the Content Policy or ToS?

A: You can report them using the report page, click on your username and then click help which will have a link to the page where you can report violations. Be sure to include the link to the content as well as a valid report reason (Be aware reports are not anonymous to staff to prevent abuse of the system).

Q: Can I contact another user?

A: Not using the website, but you can join our discord server.

Q: How do I delete my account?

A: Select settings from the menu, you can delete your account there. 

Q: How can I help support the development of

A: We have a Patreon that helps us to keep both PsstAudio and Pastes.PsstAudio ad-free. You can also donate anonymously via Bitcoin using this address: bc1qcdaqjdaqfrxlnr9uuec2tatjlz0uxehta2pvfm

Security / Privacy

Q. Do the mods of have access to private or unlisted pastes?

A. Mods cannot access the content of private or unlisted pastes. They are able to see the title of the paste (not the post link) for support purposes, or to identify a paste in the unlikely event of a reported paste that breaks the site's terms of use.

Q. If I delete one of my pastes, is it deleted completely or still accessible by mods?

A. When a paste is deleted it is permanently removed from the live site. It cannot be recovered. However, a snapshot of the site and contents is backed up on a daily basis in case of attack or error. These backups may contain material that has since been deleted. The mods cannot access the individual posts in these backups, however if a backup is used to restore the site (for example following a cyberattack) then any pastes deleted between the backup being created will be restored along with the site.

In the unlikely event of a loss resulting in the need to use a backup to restore the site users will be notified, allowing them to delete or upload any pastes as necessary.

Q. What user data is gathered by

A. The only user data gathered by is that needed to create and securely log into a user account, (username, display name, email address). We do not collect usage data. We do not pass on or sell your data to third parties. You can find our privacy policy here:

Q. Is GDPR compliant?

A. Yes, because we only gather the information needed to create and securely log into a user account, is GDPR compliant. You can find our GDPR statement here:

Q. Is information shared between and

A. No. Whilst we have used the PsstAudio domain name Pastes is a separate website and as such does not share information with PsstAudio and we do not plan for that to change. It is a separate entity and shares only the domain, because it was easier for us to set it up that way.