Welcome to PsstPastes!

Here's a little about us

Hello to those of you reading this, we originally started out as just an audio hosting website however PasteBin did something that was Inevitable and started enforcing their ToS on sexual content.
Due to this a lot of scriptwriters were left with nowhere to put their scripts that was similar to PasteBin, so because we already have PsstAudio we thought we could make PsstPastes which is why you are here.
PsstPastes has been a long time coming anyway, we have been thinking about hosting scripts for a while but didn't really have a good reason to, well now we do and it has turned out really well(we think anyway).
Unlike PsstAudio, PsstPastes is more focused on hosting scripts so we don't have any features to follow, comment etc. but those aren't necessary for what is needed now.
If you decide to host your scripts here, please remember to backup them up somewhere else, because anything could happen to us or you that might not be in either of our control but let's just hope that it never comes to that.

Just to note, we have 3 different post visibility options those being:

    Public - Anyone can see these posts
    Private - Only the poster can see these posts
    Unlisted - Anyone with a link can see these posts

Enjoy your stay