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[M4F/A4F] All boobs are beautiful! [boob appreciation] [nipple appreciation] [affirmation] [positive] [praise] [wholesome] [all booba good] [all sizes and shapes] [synonyms] [addressing the listener] 296
[FFF4M] Isn’t everything better when shared with friends? [Fdom] [Msub] [consensual] [gfe] [established relationship] [letting her two best friends in on the secret] [chastity] [gag] [understanding FLRs] [cfnm] [permission from all three needed to cum] 776
[F4M] The Royal Interrogator [Script Offer] [Fdom] [Msub] [fantasy] [seductress] [dungeon] [bondage] [getting the prisoner to talk] [torture] via [tease & denial][chastity] [bitch] [sloppy bj] [striptease] and [girl on top] as promised rewards for talking 758
[M4F] If you were here with me right now - this is what I’d do with you [Script Offer] [4th wall break] [good girl] [neck kisses] [stripping] [breast kisses] [thigh kisses] [cunnilingus] [blowjob] [doggystyle] slight [Mdom / Fsub] [assertive but gentle] 716
[FFF4M] Bonk! Welcome to Horny Jail! [humor] [meta] [sent to jail for listening to erotic audios] [Fdom] [horny police and therapist] [trying to defeat the horny via joi, but will it work?] [kink shaming] [denial] 955
[F4M] ‘The Woman I Became’ or ‘How it started - How it’s going.’ [Script Offer] [journey of a femdom couple] [Fdom] [Msub] [from hesitant to sadistic] [chastity] [gag] [cuckold] a bit of [joi] and [feet] 791
[F4M] The Other Couple [Script Offer] [Fdom] [Msub] [joi] [chastity] [cuckolding] [established relationship] [Mdom & FDom] [Fsub] [bondage] [threesome] [twist] [dubcon] so [rape] 575
[FFFFFFFF4M] The Realm of the Seven Witches - Part 2 [Script Offer] [CYOA] [fantasy] {Fdom] [Fsub] [wholesome] [dark] [bondage] [lots more tags inside the script] 939
[FF4A] The Not Quite So Virtuous Superhero [Script Offer] [taking advantage of arrested criminal] [FDom] [FSub] [bondage] [cunnilingus] [coercion] so [rape] [slightly cheesy] 389
[FF4M] A One-Way Trip to the Erotic Asylum - Part 2 [Script Offer] [Fdom] [Msub] [bondage] [chastity] [cbt] [tricked] [venomous erotic revenge] [medical] [torture] [imprisonment] [mean] [dark] 1298
[FF4A] [Script Offer] “It’s not like I’m into girls or anything...” [lesbian] [gentle] [playful] [taking it slow] [exploring each other’s body] [how does that feel?] [cunnilingus] [first time with a woman] [slight Fdom / Fsub dynamic] 731
[FFFFFFFF4M] The Realm of the Seven Witches [Script Offer] [fantasy] [CYOA] [all seven introduce themselves] [then the listener has to pick one] [very different kinds of outcomes, depending on the choice] [lots of tags, full list inside the post] 5382
[F4M] [Script Offer] A Rare Kind of Monster [Fdom] [monstergirl, but looks human] [web bondage] [aphrodisiac] [rape] [cowgirl] [tease] [denial] [addicted to precum] kind of [horror] 891
[F4M] A surprisingly competitive woman [fdom] [sissification] [twisted revenge] [forced transformation] [bondage] [chastity] mentions of [brainwashing] [conditioning] [torture] somewhat [dark] 1088
[F4M] A One-Way Trip to the Erotic Asylum [Fdom] [vengeful fiancée] [bondage] [chastity] [medical] mentions of [orgasm denial] {torture] 1702